!! OMG, there’s one small problem: Tip Toe !!

I can’t even believe this was written, then greenlit, then made, then released. I mean, who in the world is so offended by little people? I like how they tried to make Kate Beckinsale’s mother really conservative and racist – as if this is Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, dwarf edition. And wouldn’t it be a kicker if the real problem wasn’t that Matthew McConaughey’s family were all little people, but that they were Jewish? It’s amazing how they say “Gary Oldman in the role of a lifetime!” as if this was their ticket to The Academy Awards.
This trailer did, however, make me once again daydream about finally marrying JEREMY ROLOFF and moving out to the farm to help his mom with the baking. What? He’s nineteen now!

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  1. so.hot.

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