!! OMG, “These shoes RULE, these shoes QUACK”: Bird Shoes !!

“Let’s get some shoes, Ohmergawd!”
There is no fiercer manimal than the swan; they are so beautiful and graceful, yet deadly and will rip your blooming arm of if you throw shade at them.
When asking the age-old question “what do your shoes say about you?”
Well if your shoes look like Mallards then you are common-as-shit…and if your shoes look like Swans then you are FIERTH…and if your shoes look like Toucans then you a GREEDY HOE cos you got a big beak!
…don’t ask me what the Cockerel heels say about you!
Shoe designer Kobi Levi designs these ornithological foot masterpieces.
Tap your beak below to jump in and see the whole flock of shoes

KobiLevi Rooster brown 2.jpg
KobiLevi Chicken 2.jpg
[via dezeen]

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