!! OMG, They’re Bosom Buddies: Orangutan and Hound !!

I know, I know. “Unlikely animals are friends!” has become such a thing that it’s barely worth remarking on anymore. OH WAIT. IT WILL NEVER STOP BEING CUTE.

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4 Comments on "OMG, They’re Bosom Buddies: Orangutan and Hound"

  1. This is beautiful. Thank you. In some ways, these animals are more evolved than humans: they somehow manage to get along well despite their vast differences, yet many people can’t get past skin color, sexual orientation, and other traits that differ from their own.

  2. Hi Joe, I wanted to chime in on this as well. While I live in Canada and we really value our Canadian readership, about 80% of our readers are in the U.S., and though we make every effort to find globally viewable content, sometimes it’s not possible and we will choose to post a video anyway for the sake of what’s in it. xo Frank

  3. Hi Joe,
    That totally sucks; I didn’t realize this couldn’t be viewed in Canada. While half of the OMG team is in Toronto, I’m in the US. So annoying. I’ll see if I can find a better version.

  4. Why do you post videos that cannot be viewed in Canada?

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