!! OMG, they censored Tina Fey: PBS !!

Poor Tina Fey can’t even make a few Sarah Palin jokes on PBS during an award acceptance without getting the controversial parts edited out. PBS! You know it’s bad when CNN is calling you out for bias. Yeesh. (Via Towleroad)

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5 Comments on "OMG, they censored Tina Fey: PBS"

  1. “The Office,” Stelios? Use one of your degrees to figure out that she’s on “30 Rock.” Yassou!

  2. alyce goldstein | November 19, 2010 at 8:07 am | Reply

    Tina Fey would be nothing without Palin. I don’t find her funny at all and she should find something other than Palin for her comedic? act!

  3. Brian from Jersey | November 18, 2010 at 9:29 pm | Reply

    Who gave Fey that hairstyle? Put glasses on her and she looks Dana Carvey as “Church Lady”!

  4. Tina, as a fellow Greek American and more than twice your age and at least four times the degrees you have, I advise you to take a big breath and not let your newly found fame impersonating Sarah Palin go to your head any further. Enjoy your young daughter, your work on the Office and during your occasional visits on SNL, be more modest and humble!

  5. Oh wow. I can’t believe I’m about to disagree with Andy, CNN and OMGBlog. And I’m a “crazy progressive liberal” who takes social justice to heart. But knowing what little of production I do, I think the time reasoning was a legitimate excuse. It would be one thing if they’d eliminated all Palin jokes altogether–but they kept in the “partial resemblance” and “crazy voice” material.
    Also, I’m actually kind of glad that the people who kept clapping during Tina’s saying “This is good for all women” when she was being sarcastic got edited out. Maybe because it hurts my head to think how idiotic people are and that they couldn’t recognize after the first two or three jokes what to expect down the line.
    Love me some Tina.

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