!! OMG, they covered Britney: Ladyhawke and Lily Allen !!

Ladyhawke‘s rendition of Britney Spears’s “Womanizer” (above) features some really nice cello orchestration and a more melancholy than vengeful tone. Lily Allen has done an acoustic piano version, and other artists may be answering the call of Pretty Much Amazing, who is urging as many people as possible to cover the song.
Listen to Lily’s version after the jump and then let us know who you think did it better in our poll!

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9 Comments on "OMG, they covered Britney: Ladyhawke and Lily Allen"

  1. Lily does best! i lover her version… Ladyhawke kinda lame… and the original from Ms. Spears still awesome

  2. OMG! Dont even joke! These versions are terrible! Nobody could come close to Brit’s version. Lily Allen sings terribly, the British accent ruins the song, and Brit’s is far more electro, vibey, enjoyable and exciting. Why did they need to terribly copy the original?

  3. Lily allen’s much version is fire!!!
    1000x better that the original!!

  4. I like Lily’s better… but Brit’s is still the best

  5. OKay so Ive never heard of the first person but..it sucked real bad. Like I wanted to die bad. And I love Lily But im sorry that wasn’t the best version. Britney really did do the best on this

  6. I love Lily Allen, I don’t care what anyone says. I think she’d take Amy Crackhouse in a fight.

  7. I am by no means the biggest fan of Britney’s, but how could anyone think either of these horrible remakes even come close to Britney’s version?

  8. They’re both craptastic.

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