!! OMG, they found it (again): The Gay Gene !!

Scientists have figured out a way to make heterosexual fruit flies turn gay! Just by tweaking a little thing called the “genderblind gene,” they can rewire the synapses in a male fruit fly’s brain to make it start liking fly penis (or whatever they have). Amazing! I don’t think they can do it to humans yet, so all you Republican moms with gay kids can just settle down. (via Inventorspot)

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3 Comments on "OMG, they found it (again): The Gay Gene"

  1. How funny, I just learned about this in a genetics class I’m taking. Apparently there’s a gene called Fru-M that is required for all aspects of fruitfly male courtship behavior. If mutated, male flies will court other males. If inserted into a female fruitfly, they will court females.

  2. OMG I am so tired of this article. It isn’t new. I had seen this article 2 years ago in my evolution and heredity course in Oklahoma. This is OLD info. They’ve also identified a possible location of the gay gene in humans on the short arm of the x chromosone, but like the fruit fly, it only affects males. Since it is on the x chromosome it can only be passed by the mother since to be male a child has to be XY.

  3. Does this mean that Dr. David Suzuki’s many experiments with fruit fly genes made me gaaaaaay?

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