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!! OMG, the podcast has become high art: NYMPHOWARS !!

Nymphowars by Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel
A new podcast by artists Macy Rodman and Theda Hammel explores all the relevant pop cultural happenings of our time through enlightened commentary, on-point impersonations (Lady Gaga, Caitlyn Jenner, Matthew McConaughey, and Felicity Huffman are recurring highlights), and a healthy dose of pee-pee humor.

Their most recent episode “Live from the 24th Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show” is a surreal and genius take-down of the men behind the tanking underwear brand and their parade of supermodels. Also, make sure to listen to the NYMPHOWARS review of A Star Is Born, featuring analysis so cutting and complete that we don’t even feel the need to see the film.

Find NYMPHOWARS in your favorite podcast app and follow the ladies on Twitter @NYMPHOWARSxxx.

PLUS: Read our Q&A with Macy!

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!! OMG, happening now: The #GoogleWalkOut !!

Google employees have had it! There is a lot of anger over the company’s handling of recent sexual harassment allegations, their participation in a Pentagon drone imaging program, and their work creating a censored search engine for China.

A group of women engineers organized a massive, worldwide walk-out today and has made five demands, including pay equality, a public transparency report on sexual harassment within the company, a company-wide policy on sexual harassment, and an empowered chief diversity officer.

Read a statement from the organizers over at The Cut and follow the events at #GoogleWalkOut on social media.

Image by @Karenmaryo.

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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Pussy Riot releases protest song ‘КОШМАРЫ / Nightmares’ !!

Following the arrest of one of their members during the World Cup for a pitch invasion, Pussy Riot have released new material protesting law enforcement and unjust imprisonment:

The group’s intense “КОШМАРЫ / Nightmares” is a partial cover of Dina Vierny’s “Nightmares.” The animated video details harsh prison conditions. It begins with a pulsating strobe light mirroring the urgent call the group is making for the release of Russian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Check out their latest above!

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!! OMG, Cuba takes to the streets as it celebrates annual parade against homophobia and transphobia !!

Cenesex (National Center for Sex Education) celebrated its annual May campaign against homophobia and transphobia in Cuba this month, and as part of the program, the traditional conga parade was held on this occasion from the intersection of Linea and Paseo Avenues to 12th Street.

Check out the gallery of the events with images by the Havana Times after the jump!


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!! OMG, don't miss these !!