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!! OMG, FKA twigs appears in front of U.S. Senate to advocate for artists’ rights, protection of likeness, and to speak out against exploitation with AI !!

AI is growing faster and faster, and as many have predicted, will probably effect a lot of people’s livilihood in the process. A new Senate bill seeks to protect artists from AI Deepfakes. The No FAKES Act would give artists legal recourse when their digital likeness has been used without their permission.

And singer, dancer, musician, actor, producer and artist FKA twigs isn’t just going to sit idly and let it go down without some protections put in place. She took the stand in front of the US Sentate to voice her concern this week:

“My art is the canvas on which I paint my identity and the sustaining foundation of my livelihood. It is the essence of my being. Yet this is under threat. AI cannot replicate the depth of my life journey, yet those who control it hold the power to mimic the likeness of my art, to replicate it and falsely claim my identity and intellectual property. This prospect threatens to rewrite and unravel the fabric of my very existence. We must enact regulation now to safeguard our authenticity and protect against misappropriation of our inalienable rights…”

Find the rest of twigs’ testimonial and the full video after the jump!


!! OMG, Gay Furries hack transphobic, far right media outlet Real America’s Voice !!

SiegedSec, a hacker furry collective, has just wreaked havoc on “Real America’s Voice” a far right media outlet. They have released data on over a 1,000 users of their app and also info on hosts Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, and Ted Nugent.

SiegedSec previously hacked Minnesota River Valley Church and spent $6,000 on inflatable sea lions. They also hacked a nuclear research facility, demanding that they focus research on cat girls.

Check out their statement after the jump! Meow! They just went for far right to RAWR, right!?


!! OMG, WATCH: Out queer Indigenous advocate and star Devery Jacob appears on Seth Meyers !!

Devery Jacobs isn’t just taking the acting world by storm, she’s also using her voice to speak up for her community and Indigenous people, as well as the way they have been portrayed in Hollywood for decades. Check out Devery on Seth Meyers as she chats about writing and directing episodes of Taika Waititi‘s Reservation Dogs, learning American Sign Language for her role in the Marvel series Echo and voicing a Mohawk woman in the series What If…?.

!! OMG, new doc ‘VENUS ENVY’ details history of trailblazing Canadian drag club-kid art collective ‘The House Of Venus’ !!

The film about the legendary drag/club-kid art collective features appearances from everyone from Lady Bunny to Honey Dijion, Peaches to Candis Cayne and many other queer icons had its official World Premiere as the Closing Night Film at image+nation LGBTQ+ Film Festival in Montreal on Saturday.

A celebration of an underground movement of love, the film tells the unique story of the multi-dimensional Canadian artist collective known as “The House of Venus”. From their humble beginnings throwing DIY theme parties and fashion shows, to their journey of creating globally-renowned queer culture and community, it follows the members as they prepare for the 25th instalment of their performance and wearable art festival “WIGGLE”.

Up next, the film screens in Vancouver at the Rio Theatre on February 25th. Look out for a wide release via OutTV in 2024, and find the full trailer below!

!! OMG, WATCH: “Recovering bigot” goes viral after offering free hugs at Denver Pride !!

The two-minute video (after the jump) has accumulated over 24k likes and hundreds of comments. The best-liked comment came from someone claiming to be the man’s child:

“This is my dad!! I just got a text earlier today from my mom (also there) saying how happy my dad was to be a part of something so special. #LoveWins”

We love to see people turn over a new leaf and choose love! Check out all the love this man got in return after the jump!


!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: AI has made “Gaga versions” of famous pop songs sung by Britney, Dua, and Cher !!

When AI isn’t out stealing writers’ jobs and making fake historical images, its other hobby is having its fave popstars sing other pop stars’ famous songs! This bot in particular, stans the Gaga HARD and wants her to be everyone

Check out Gaga doing Dua above, and Britney and Cher classics after the jump!


!! OMG, it’s playable: ‘Doom’ on a Lego brick !!

Tilt Doom on a Lego brick by Ancient JamesRemember how impressive the 3-D gore of Doom was when it came out? Slashing through the bloody hellscape, leaving scores of demons in your wake used to require a screaming fast gaming PC or, more recently, a gaming console hooked up to a monitor or TV.

Enter Lego builder and innovator Ancient James, who has packed an entirely playable Doom experience into a single Lego brick, no controller required. Just tilt it!

Watch his incredible creation in action after the jump!


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