!! OMG, they love America: Destiny’s Child !!

I’m back, everybody! I want to give a huge thanks to guestblogger Graydon for holding down the fort so remarkably well while I was gone. And now, onward…
In honor of yesterday’s patriotic holiday of President’s Day, today’s posts will have a very specific theme (FYI I’ve been waiting to do this for frickin’ evah): The National Anthem!
To start us off, here is Destiny’s Child totally killing it (in a good way) at some basketball game.

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11 Comments on "OMG, they love America: Destiny’s Child"

  1. Doug US – true, I have barely a shred of patriotism. This country drives me bananas, which is why I am moving to Spain in a couple of months – the culmination of 14 months of planning and job finding. Can’t wait.
    As for sports, sure there are millions of Brits who root for the home team , but I ain’t one of them. I don’t follow any sports and couldn’t give a flying fart whether someone from England wins or not.
    I list my country in my username in deference to someone else who posts here who goes by the name of Matt. Plus, I don’t want to be mistaken for an American – ha ha (joke!) Why, some of my best friends are American.
    Finally, as a douche, I’m bound to meet you up there as I’m sure that’s where your head is.

  2. CUE WIND MACHINE! amazing.

  3. I liked it. Although I like when peeps mess up when they sing it, ’cause it makes me laugh. Welcome back, Frank.
    PS Mariah is an ass-clown.

  4. I thought you were Canadian?! You’re not Canadian?! I loved you being Canadian 🙁

  5. Welcome back Frank. Graydon did a great job, but it is terrific to have you back again.

  6. Matt UK, you are being a douche. Don’t tell me you don’t have some shred of patriotism… You list your country in your username. Plus anyone who says “as a Brit, I don’t see what all this patriotism jazz is about….” clearly chooses to ignore sports. Everyone in the entire world, even the lofty brits, get pretty fucking ridiculous rooting for their home team.

  7. that hate on his song amuse me.
    Its a pretty damn good version, especially because it differs from so many and its deffinately a “Destiny’s Child” spin on it. I like it =]

  8. Being a Brit, I don’t get this whole Star Spangled Banner thing. You guys are so wrapped up in patriotism, it kills me. Personally, as a Brit, I don’t care that much for this country as it’s made some horrid decisions in my name and I want little to do with it on a National level. Still, if it was down to a fight between our 80 year old Queen and your duff president, I’d back the old lady every time!!

  9. OMG, how horrid.

  10. Oh hells to the no! It was killing me at the “HEEEEEEEEEEY” and then, AND THEN they bring out the fans! FANS! DC3!

  11. Only in America can a national anthem be highjacked for entertainment purposes

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