!! OMG, they work like magic: Harry Potter pickup lines !!


The last Harry Potter movie may be in theaters (and rackin’ up a ton of money), but that doesn’t mean the magic has to be over. Grab your wand and use these lines to cast a spell:
Have you heard of Platform 9 and 3/4? Well, I can think of something else with the exact same measurements.
I’ve been whomping my willow thinking about you.
I’d like to get my basilisk into your chamber of secrets.
Can I just Slytherin to bed with you?
Your smile’s like expelliarmus: simple but disarming.
Did you survive Avada Kedavra? ‘Cause you’re drop dead gorgeous.
I’m just like Oliver Wood, baby… I’m a keeper!
It’s a portkey… once you touch it, it will take you somewhere you ain’t never been before.
They say I’m like the horn of a crumple-horned snorkack. Explosive.
I don’t have any muggle money, but I do have a sickle and two knuts.
(via Buzz Feed)

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1 Comment on "OMG, they work like magic: Harry Potter pickup lines"

  1. Will Johnson | July 27, 2011 at 7:00 am | Reply

    my fave is:
    My robes may say I’m from Griffindor, but there’s something Slytherin about my pants.

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