!! OMG, They’re “Famous”: The Cast of Celebrity Apprentice 3 !!

The cast of Celebrity Apprentice 3 was announced today, and like last time, it has a bona fide celebrity-to-me and gay icon in the person of Ms. Cyndi Lauper! There are also a few other semi-famous people and reality TV veterans on it in addition to the usual wrestlers, sluts, and mixed-martial losers filling out the cast. My main complaint: WHERE’S OMAROSA???!
The cast, from left to right, is “real Elaine” Carol Leifer, Sinbad, lady wrestler Maria Kanellis, bribey former governor Rod Blagojevich, Sharon Osbourne (oh, that old thing?), Olympics person Michael Johnson, Trumpy (duh), chef Curtis Stone, the glorious Ms. Lauper, another wrestler (who cares!?), a baseball player I have heard of named Darryl Strawberry, the bewigged Brett Michaels, undie model Selita Ebanks (for Trump’s pleasure, of course), swimmer Summer Sanders, and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper’s Holly Robinson Peete, who went to the same college as me and Frank, so yay?
Excited now?
(EW Popwatch)

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3 Comments on "OMG, They’re “Famous”: The Cast of Celebrity Apprentice 3"

  1. My prediction now, before the show even starts, is Sharon Osbourne to win. Seems like a cut-throat bitch. Plus, she’s got the fan base from her other shows.

  2. Let’s face it, with a couple exceptions, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel. In addition, they add a felon (Strawberry) and a fallen corrupt Governor (Blagojevich). There are people struggling to make ends meet, and these so-called celebrities make 10’s of thousands per episode. For at least two, crime does pay.

  3. Whoa. Gotta stop you on one of your witty comments. That piece of hottness wrestler that you skipped over is Bill Goldberg. I’d climb that beefy snow-capped mountain with no hesitation.
    Goldberg filled my lusty little gay boy dreams for Y E A R S and I’m glad we’ll be getting to see some more of him after a long haiatus.
    Everything else you were spot on about. Keep it up!

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