!! OMG, they’re in short-shorts: San Diego Padres !!

The San Diego Padres walked about town in Hooter’s uniforms as part of an annual hazing ritual. I don’t know why, but men’s giblets always look so unappealing to me when they’re in something silky. Maybe it’s cause this girl in my elementary school pooped her pants in gym class while she was wearing silky short-shorts and big panties, so the poop just kind of rolled around back there. F*ck…There’s something else I’m gonna have to talk to my therapist about.

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2 Comments on "OMG, they’re in short-shorts: San Diego Padres"

  1. Graydon… I ve scheduled you for 9am Monday morning….
    Please confirm….

  2. those three brunettes on the far right and two white dudes on the far left can haze my pussy with they tongues any day lol

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