!! OMG those games aren’t funny !!

One of my favourite directors, Michael Haneke (Cache, Benny’s Video) has remade his film “Funny Games” in English. The new version stars Naomi Watts (Mulholland Drive), Michael Pitt (The Dreamers), and Brady Corbet (Mysterious Skin).
The premise is that a couple maniacs enter a family’s home and proceed to torture them with sadistic and fatal games. Sounds like another Tuesday to me. Am I right you guys? Hey? Yeah.
Normally remakes have me gagging, but I’m really interested to see this compared to the original which was made 10 years ago. Hopefully genius actors plus a genius director aren’t too much of a good thing.
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6 Comments on "OMG those games aren’t funny"

  1. This is to remind one, There are really sick people in the world and one does not know what really happens to victims before they die. Or, they don’t remember the events like the Central Park Jogger.
    Always on gaurd. It’s a part of life.
    One film I will certainly not watch and that’s just from the trailers.

  2. The movie is a commentary on cynical Hollywood movie violence that has no consequence.
    That Haneke pulled out of Cannes last year arguing it’s pointless to screen the same movie twice at the same festival makes it seem as though he really only intends mainstream American audiences to see the film. The low-brow marketing campaign seems geared to people who are easily persuaded. (Or maybe it’s just ironically low-brow.)
    The first Funny Games is probably his most traditional and least interesting movie so I’m curious to find out why chose to remake it. To redeem himself somehow? Because the first one was ignored in the US and now that he’s a box office draw, more people will hear his message?

  3. The original was like any sane person’s worst nightmare. I don’t think I could stomach a remake.

  4. The original was just a step above a snuff film. If you like watching innocent people being tortured and humiliated with no consequence for the victimizer, have at it.

  5. I feel like Funny Games is only impactful the first time you watch it. Repeat viewings are pointless since you can avoid being manipulated the second time around. And seeing as it’s a shot-by-shot remake, I think this version is really only intended for mainstream American viewers who wouldn’t have seen the first film.

  6. Wait I don’t get it, did he hit him over the head with the club? :l

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