!! OMG, three crazy-ass new music videos that have nothing to do with Lady Gaga !!

Admittedly, a Prison for Bitches dance routine co-sponsored by Wonderbread is pretty hard to top. But that hasn’t stopped other gay/gay-ish bands from releasing weird-ass music videos online this week, all of which feature an array of inventive and eye-catching ideas, from shamanic kabuki sex styling and morphing liquid metal heads to naked butts and knife fights. The best of the bunch is “Dog Days Are Over”, the latest from British singer Florence Welch, a.k.a. Florence and The Machine. The song is f*cking amazing and the video contains the aforementioned shamanic kabuki sex styling.

Second crazy-ass video comes from one-man orchestral pop explosion Owen Pallett, who, incidentally, we just interviewed. It’s for the song “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt” and while watching it, you will start to question the amount of drugs you’ve been taking lately. True its title, the video contains several scenes of unadulterated shirtlessness. There is also pantlessness and underwearlessness. Meaning there is the odd flash of white boy butt cheek (NSFW?). But who’s butt cheek is it?

Finally, the video for “O.N.E.” by Brooklyn band Yeasayer. Speaking of nudity, their last video had all kinds of it. Unfortunately everyone keeps their clothes on in this one. What’s going on in this video is anyone’s guess, but basically just imagine what would happen if the evil T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day crashed club scene from Strange Days. A Cameron-Bigelow mash-up vid! How timely!

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3 Comments on "OMG, three crazy-ass new music videos that have nothing to do with Lady Gaga"

  1. Finally, nice to see a few $$ go into one of her videos. Love this cd!

  2. If you get the chance, check out “Mowgli’s Road” by Marina and the Diamonds. Not only is it an amazing video but most importantly, it’s a fucking great song!

  3. mynameisnotjanet | March 12, 2010 at 8:04 pm | Reply

    I like the original “Dog Days” video better, but the new one is great.

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