!! OMG, throwback: Robyn’s ‘Show Me Love’ !!

With the release of Body Talk Pt. 3 and two celebrated tours this year, Swedish electro-pop star Robyn came that much closer to mainstream American popularity. Personally, I’m still baffled when someone doesn’t know who Robyn is — but the unitiated might remember the song that started it all back in 1993, Show Me Love. These days, Robyn ends her set with an updated version.

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5 Comments on "OMG, throwback: Robyn’s ‘Show Me Love’"

  1. Mother of heaven do I love that album. “Do You Really Want Me” is a killer song.

  2. i think you have your songs mixed up.
    The “show me love” from ’93 was by Robyn S.
    This swedish Robyn had a song called “show me love in like 96 or 97, but it didn’t come close to Robyn S’s song!! lol, google.

  3. omg and what i cannot believe is that you d not remember that this song came out in 1997!!! … you’re so surprised that no one knows who she is, and yet you don’t know when this song was released??? As Amy Winehouse would say “What kinf of fuckery is this????”

  4. from wikipedia: “The song is sometimes confused with Robin S’s 1993 hit “Show Me Love”, because of identical song titles and similar first names. The two songs are not related, however.”

  5. fuck Robin, M.I.A.’s mixtape just came out one day early

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