!! OMG, to the batmobile: San Francisco to be transformed into Gotham City to fulfill dying 5 year old’s wish to be Batman !!

Okay, so this one is really thawing out our frozen heart! Five-year-old Miles has been battling life-threatening leukaemia in San Francisco, though it’s always been his dream, instead, to be battling crime and fighting for the better good AS BATBOY!
Well, The Make-A-Wish Foundation is about to make it happen! Thousands of volunteers have signed up to help make Miles’ dreams come true by transforming San Francisco into Gotham City. RAD!! From TDM:

Along with a grownup Batman sidekick, Miles will get a call from the police chief and jump into his Batmobile to defend the city against some of his fiercest foes, including the Riddler and Penguin.
His first task: rescue a damsel in distress who is tied up across the Hyde Street cable car tracks in Nob Hill.
Then he will help to capture The Riddler as he tries to rob a vault downtown, before refueling at the Burger Bar in San Francisco, according to the Make-A-Wish itinerary.
While at Burger Bar, he will get a call on his batphone to go to the window. He will look down and see a huge group of volunteers screaming for Batman’s help.
That’s because the Penguin will be kidnapping a famous Gotham City mascot – Lou Seal.
Batman and Batkid will race to AT&T park to apprehend the villain and free Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants mascot since 1996.
After catching the Penguin, Batkid will make his final stop at City Hall, where the Mayor and the Police Chief of Gotham City will thank him and give him the key to the city.

This is incredible! If we were anywhere near the San Francisco area we would be front-row-center helping make Miles’ BATMAN world come true! If you wanna be a part of it and you ARE in SF, then head over to Mile’s Make-A-Wish page for more info. (Also, if Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford really wants to gain extra points, he should step forward and offer his time playing the role he was BORN to play! THE PENGUIN!)
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[via TDM]

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  1. This is amazing and heart wrenching at the same time.

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