!! OMG, tonight in Toronto: Westboro Baptist Church !!

If you’re in Toronto come out tonight and protest the Westboro Baptist Church between 7 and 8 PM at Cameron House – 408 Queen Street West. The members of the church will be in Toronto protesting a play about Fred Phelps.
From the Facebook invite I received:

For those of you who haven’t heard, members of
Fred Phelps’s Westboro Baptist Church of godhatesfags.com notoriety have announced they will be in Toronto today.
Thurs. Aug 7th between 7pm-8pm at the Cameron House, 408 Queen St. W. to protest Alistair Newton’s play “The Pastor Phelps Project” being staged as a part of the Summerworks festival.
Anyone in Toronto come on down to the Cameron House at 7pm tonight and show Fred Phelps with your loud queer-positive presence what you think of his ideas. Think of it as more of a party and less of a protest. They think they can get get attention with their outrageous spectacle, let queers and queer positive folks show them we can overshadow them with a message of tolerance and acceptance.
Please forward this information to anyone or any organization you think can help organize people to show their support in a counter-protest to be held simultaneously.
The Church, it’s believed, discovered the play from a theatre preview article in the current issue of Xtra Toronto and the playwright even wrote a satirical open invitation to Phelps in the current issue of Fab that came out yesterday.

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11 Comments on "OMG, tonight in Toronto: Westboro Baptist Church"

  1. Please, Canadians, do us Americans a favor and throw them in prison for a very long time.

  2. So how’d it go? What’s the update?

  3. i think border guards were ordered to prevent them from entering canada…

  4. The Phelps family are a very organized cult, and almost every single one of them is an attorney, which makes dealing with them very annoying even beyond their insanity. They use hate speech and intolerance as their sword and shield, they picketed a gay teacher in a town 40 miles south of where I live. In was very heart warming to see the town stick up for the teacher, and let the Phelps family know they were not welcome there.

  5. Protesting just shows them that people are paying attention to them. Stop giving them attention.

  6. And who the hell let them in here? Oh well, some stupid border patrolman let em in, The Canada Criminal code Cat. 34, Sec 281 SubSec. 319 will prompt a swift escort out. Fucking goofs.

  7. They’ve threatened to picket poor Tim McLean’s funeral claiming that the murder was a ‘sign from god’ of Canada’s moral depravity… fucked up…

  8. dont even waste your time on these religious haters who use gods name in vain to support their gross view 🙂

  9. Mariahg Scarey | August 7, 2008 at 6:52 pm | Reply

    these people are deluded if they think they are doing “the Lord’s work”. Jesus, protect me from your believers.

  10. They’re a bunch of ego maniacs and would picket a colonic if they thought anyone would give a…, oops, redundent.
    But go laugh at them cause I doubt they’ll have the cash for a trip back to Toronto for quite a while. Also, take gin.

  11. Hurray for Toronto! I’ll be there in spirit.

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