!! OMG, too easy: Anderson Cooper’s birther take-down !!

Texas Rep. (R) Leo Berman is still trotting out that tired “show me Obama’s birth certificate” crap on national television. Anderson Cooper takes him down gently but firmly. It’s like shooting an elderly, willfully-ignorant fish in a barrel. (Thanks Kevin!)

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7 Comments on "OMG, too easy: Anderson Cooper’s birther take-down"

  1. I think he pissed Anderson off when he said “If you look at my white hair you can tell I’ve been around awhile”.
    I bet when this was over, Anderson said “Did that asshole just call me old?”

  2. Damn Anderson is good…..and sexy as hell.

  3. the jack maskell memorandum discussed existing federal requirements for proof of citizenship (essentially, “none”).
    how does this man sleep at night? “is his travel to pakistan in the congression research service there?” – “uh, yes.” LIAR. this makes me sick.

  4. Craig in Portland | December 1, 2010 at 10:35 pm | Reply

    Sounds like an old man who decided to stop all his research because he felt he knew enough at a certain age. It’s pitiful, and he totally deserved everything that the Silver Fox threw at him.

  5. i have a feeling that there’s a producer over at CNN who’s probably not having a very good day. i can only imagine coop, immediately after sign off doing a “who the hell sent me this asshole?!”

  6. Ugh, this was just difficult to watch.

  7. as a texan, i’m embarrassed that that senile douche is from my state.

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