!! OMG, trailer: Damsels in Distress !!

If Whit Stillman‘s latest movie in 14 years, Damsels in Distress, is anything like the awesomely 90s teen movies of 14 years ago, then we’re in for a kooky (read: amazing) ride. Like Clueless and Jawbreaker before it (and Heathers before that), Damsels in Distress tells the story of Violet, the queen of an uptight clique who takes new girl Lily under her wing — only to result in her own demise. Or if not demise, high school heartache at the very least.
(via Vulture)

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  1. Well… Whit Stillman’s style couldn’t be further from Clueless and Jawbreaker, but I can hardly wait for this. It’s been wayyyyyy too long since the Last Days of Disco!

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