!! OMG, trailer: Madonna’s “W.E.” !!

Here (finally) is an extended look at Madonna‘s latest directorial project, the much-anticipated W.E. No, it’s not a film for the Women’s Entertainment channel (although, who knows, it might end up running on that network). It’s the tale of Wallis Simpson, the vivacious American millionairess who stole the heart of a king. Naughty romance? Well, Madonna certainly knows a thing or two about that.
(via Joe.My.God.)

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2 Comments on "OMG, trailer: Madonna’s “W.E.”"

  1. Phillip – Wallis Simpson was NOT a millionairess, by any stretch of the imagination. She was middle class, but a massive social climber. She also could not be described as ‘vivacious’; she was a thoroughgoing snob. W.E. was a code used by Wallis and the King; their initals, supposedly secret and used to sign communiques between themselves before the abdication.

  2. David (former Edward VIII) was a fascist who hid in Fascist Spain during the beginning of The War hoping Hitler would invade and occupy Britain and put him on the British throne as a puppet of the Third Reich. That having been said, I’ve read Wallace’s letters that show she was largely a fame whore who realized she had gotten in too deep. Her love for David was not equal to his love for her, but she could not leave him after his making a mess of things to prove his love for her. She was trapped, but it was her greed and shameless stupidity that trapped her. Hopefully the movie will be true to her letters, written not only to David, but also to her relative in the U.S.

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