!! OMG, true words: “I’m disappointed in you Natalie” !!

Me too, Mr. Graffitist, me too. After her award-winning performance in Black Swan, the next dose of Natalie Portman to hit theaters was No Strings Attached. Uh, wasn’t that movie called Love & Other Drugs the first time it was made? Not that I saw either. I wouldn’t do that to myself.
A lackluster rom-com seems like a thoughtless move for Portman after the epic emotional climax that was Black Swan — certainly not the career-advancing choice of a potential Academy Award winner. Then again, after Halle Berry nabbed her Best Actress Oscar for Monster’s Ball, she made Catwoman. So, maybe these things just happen? After the jump, check out yet another graffitist’s changes to the No Strings Attached poster.

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2 Comments on "OMG, true words: “I’m disappointed in you Natalie”"

  1. She was a producer on the film and having read the reviews (mixed of course) most seemed to praise Natalie for what she brought to this genre of film stating that Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell & Katherine Heigl should take notes. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to start in these types of films, especially if it pays well enough to allow you to take on more ambitious projects that may not pay so well.

  2. Actors have no say in the order there films are released. Portman has film being released every month until April I believe. Sometimes they have 4 or 5 “in the can”. I bet you a dollar to donuts she was paid wayyy better for the RomCom than she did “Swan”

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