!! OMG, truly outrageous: The complete ‘Jem’ boxset !!


When Shout Factory’s “Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series” goes on sale Oct. 11, best believe I’ll be ordering my own. Jem is basically the reason I’m gay. And there’s bonus material! According to Shout Factory producer Brian Ward, the release will include three special featurettes:

“1.) Showtime, Synergy! The Truly Outrageous Creation of an ’80s Icon
This is a featurette, well over a half hour, focusing on the creation of the show. For this particular featurette, we talked with Christy Marx, naturally, Roger Slifer, Joe Bacal, Tom Griffin, Will Meugniot, Barry Harman and Britta Phillips.

2.) Glamour & Glitter: The Voice Cast Looks Back
This featurette focuses solely on voicing the show. Christy talks about the casting and we also spoke with Samantha Newark, Patricia Albrecht and Michael Sheehan.

3.) Jem Girls (and Boys!) Remember
This featurette focuses on the fans of Jem and the Holograms. Several of you are in it, along with a few web-celeb fans like Clare Grant and Milynn Sarley from “Team Unicorn,” entertainment reporter Jenna Busch and DVD Geeks co-host Mary Czerwinski. Some may also know Clare as Seth Green’s wife.”

(via Popnography)

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  1. Do want! I love Jem, totally going to have to pick this up. The only thing that I found weird was that Jerrica never seemed all that bothered over the fact that her boyfriend was dating her and, well her. Both Jerrica and Jem.

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