!! OMG, TV Premiere: Little Chocolatiers !!

With the Gosselin Family Meltdown depriving the airwaves of freakishly abundant families, what’s the TLC network to do?! MORE LITTLE PEOPLE OF COURSE. Oh, and chocolate. Because if there’s one thing ladies love more than dwarves and freakishly abundance, it’s candy!
Tonight brings us the exciting premiere of Little Chocolatiers, a show about candy-making dwarves. On tonight’s episode the miniature Hatch Family of Salt Lake City

not only need to produce 600 chocolate dice for a casino night party — they’re asked to build a life-sized, all chocolate flower garden for a couple’s fifth anniversary, but wonder how to complete a project that’s bigger than they are. Then disaster is imminent when the air conditioner in their shop goes down…”

Excitement! I think TLC is onto something with this, but when are The Amazing Race’s Charla and Myrna getting a show?
(Eat Me Daily)

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6 Comments on "OMG, TV Premiere: Little Chocolatiers"

  1. I’m just waiting for E! Network to break the next huge story of the cheating dwarfs and call it, “Little man, big affair”, or would it be, “Little man, tiny affair”?

  2. If Charla and Myrna got their own show, I would orgasm at the sight of the opening credits, every time. They were the only reason I watched Amazing Race.

  3. i miss the good old TLC days when it was all about home repair. then, for some reason it went wall-to-wall tatoo parlour shows and now it’s wall-to-wall dwarves.
    there’s really no reason to resubscribe to cable at this point.

  4. Keegan, all Oompa Loompa jokes are reserved for reference to Jersey Shore castmembers.

  5. What, no snappy Oompa Loompa joke?

  6. Ok. I have to ask. Who watches this crap. The “Littlest Couple”, “The Little Chocolatiers”, The Duggers, Jon & Kate… etc.
    This stuff is pure garbage, yet TLC continues to churn it out. Which leaves me asking… what market share watches this drivel?
    TLC used to be my favorite channel, now I can’t stomach it. They’re “reality” shows are lackluster at best. Why would we care about any of these peoples lives? Only thing I watch on that channel anymore is What Not To Wear… and that has become conspicuously missing lately.

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