!! OMG, TV’s first Grindr scene: ‘Political Animals’ !!

Pay close attention to the first five seconds of this clip from USA Network’s new political TV series “Political Animals.” In it, Sebastian Stan stars as Thomas Hammond, an openly gay son of a former President and First Lady-turned-Presidential-candidate, who apparently has quite the voracious libido. But USA expects us to believe that a hottie Dupont gay would show up at the apartment of a guy he met on Grindr without having seen a face pic first? Psssssh.
(via After Elton)

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4 Comments on "OMG, TV’s first Grindr scene: ‘Political Animals’"

  1. Are they playing brothers??? So didnt they just have an incest kiss or whatever?

  2. Sloot, what a schmuck.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Sloot! Let me know when you start your fabulous blog of up-to-the-minute Grindr references and we’ll be sure to throw you some links. xo Frank

  4. You obviously don’t watch The Office. Grindr was mentioned last season in a gay bar trivia contest. I don’t know why I read this stupid blog. It’s more derivative than Perez…just a regergitation of news that’s all over gawker and Flavorpill days after they first appear. And who cares about your knees?

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