!! OMG, watch Annie’s “Back Together” video !!

So the new Annie EP is really good. Recorded in London with producer Richard X, The A&R EP is the follow-up to the Norwegian pop star’s 2009 album Don’t Stop and not only has one of the best cover sleeves of the year, but five above-average pop songs reminiscent of ’80s and ’90s dance music (in a good way).
“Invisible” wouldn’t sound entirely out of a place on an old school voguing comp, “Back Together – for which there is now a retro video countdown-themed video – is straight outta Stock Aitken Waterman-era Eurobeat, and “Hold On” is a house-pop jam that makes the air sparkle.
Watch the “Back Together” video above and listen to “Invisible” and “Hold On” below.

The A&R EP is out now via Richard X’s Pleasure Masters label.

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