!! OMG, watch: Downton Abbey’s second season preview !!

Hurry! Quick! Watch this preview for the second season of Downton Abbey before it gets pulled for copyright naughtiness. If you haven’t seen the miniseries’ first season (shame on you), catch up now because this sh*t is amazing. Like, suck-you-in-and-fill-you-up-with-Maggie-Smith-goodness kind of amazing.

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4 Comments on "OMG, watch: Downton Abbey’s second season preview"

  1. I want to thank you for recommending this show. I downloaded S01E01 and S01E02 and now I am hooked. Awesome writing and very intelligent.
    BTW I also recommend Boardwalk Empire. This show rocks!

  2. Downton Abbey is some period piece crack. Maggie Smith is flawlessly bitchy, the costumes are great, and some homo mischief. Watch it!

  3. The answer’s ‘YES’ and some of it is filmed appx 4 miles from where i used to live!

  4. I was wondering if Downton Abbey was any good. I absolutely loved Cranford and Return to Cranford and Downton Abbey was suggested to me due to having liked Cranford so much.

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