!! OMG, watch Erykah Badu in a bizarre anti-bullying PSA !!

From the ‘before they were famous’ files comes this nonsensical anti-bullying PSA starring none other than a young, fresh-faced Erykah Badu. The soul star appears at the beginning of the video, which is entitled “Kids Lives,” wearing a polka dot top and um, the hat to match. She actually tweeted about the recently-uncovered clip earlier today after one of her followers brought it to her attention.
“Where the hell did u find THAT?” she wrote. “I was 22, 1st a gig outta college. Never saw the whole thing till now. Hahahahaha that’s awful.”
Make sure you watch all the way through to the end.

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2 Comments on "OMG, watch Erykah Badu in a bizarre anti-bullying PSA"

  1. Okay..what did I just watch? LOL! That kid looked like a fat Cory Feldman. And Mom jeans all around! hahahaha

  2. This is my new favorite thing.
    BUT… I am confused by the Sarah McLachlan… by the time that song was released, so was Erykah’s first record, as well as her live one, no???

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