!! OMG, WATCH: The new International trailer for German horror ‘GOODNIGHT MOMMY’ !!

We’ve all done it. Gone and filled out faces with botox and fillers, stretched and pulled our tits to our ears to try and stay young, — but what happens when the person that comes home is possibly different than the person who your family left at the hospital?
German horror Goodnight Mommy might have the answer to that:

10-year-old twins wait for their mother. When she returns with her head wrapped in bandages after surgery, nothing is as it was before. Stern and distant now, she shuts the family off from the outside world. Starting to doubt that this woman is actually their mother, the boys are determined to find the truth by any means.

Wait… this is what happened to Renee Zellweger, right? Check out the international trailer below:

[via joblo]

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1 Comment on "OMG, WATCH: The new International trailer for German horror ‘GOODNIGHT MOMMY’"

  1. the bugs crawling out of the stomach was a bit much…10-year old boy twins was scary enuf…then plastic surgery…
    wonder if it will come to the usa…

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