!! OMG, watch the trailer for Almodóvar’s ‘The Skin I Live In’ !!

Wouldn’t Adam Sandler movie trailers be so much better if the studios took a page from the foreign film marketing book and replaced all the lame sight gags and expository narration with a ambient Euro dance music? I for one would contribute to the opening weekend box office take.
Which brings us to Pedro Almodóvar‘s latest movie, The Skin I Live In. It doesn’t open in theaters until October 14 but you can jam along to the trailer and its thumpin’ soundtrack starting now. The movie, which will have it’s North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend, is a loose adaptation of author Thierry Jonquet’s potboiler Tarantula and stars Antonio Banderas as a sexy-yet-psychotic plastic surgeon attempting to create a new kind of skin resistant to injury. See you in line!

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