!! OMG, WATCH THIS: Hercules & Love Affair’s ‘My Offence’ Video !!

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Hercules & Love Affair has dropped their video for ‘My Offence’, which is actually more of a testimonial video from NYC nightlife fixtures like Honey Dijion, Contessa Stuto, and Juliana Huxtable on taking the word ‘CUNT’ back. Perfect to pair with your first morning coffee! Check it out below.

‘My Offence’ is taken from Hercules & Love Affair‘s acclaimed third album ‘The Feast of The Broken Heart’. It explores Andy Butler‘s relationship to taboo words and the use of “cunt” amongst NYC’s gay community to relay flattery, empowerment and strength – in short a fierce display of femininity. After 13 years of living as a “Queen that lived in New York” Butler saw his own usage of the word engrained into his vocabulary. A move to German speaking Vienna prompted him to reflect on how subversive it really was, and sparked an exploration of it in a song.

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