!! OMG, we’re in turmoil: Canada !!

So while those of you in the US have been focusing on the recent elections, up here in Canada an election was called and then voted on within weeks, with Conservative Stephen Harper winning a minority government in October. Now there is the possibility that his government will be toppled and a leftist coalition government will take power. The only problem is that people are pissed cause they might have to go back to the polls for the millionth time in the past few years. So, if you’re not a right-wing anti-arts anti-union pro-Harper kind of a person, read THIS article and get inspired to put our government back in the left hand. Going back to the polls could be a good thing. As that idiot GWYNETH PALTROW would say, don’t be lazy! Just look at Harper in that picture…grinning at Bush like a desperate bottom…

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  1. As a desperate bottom, I resent being compared to Stephen Harper.

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