!! OMG we’re officially passé: Gays !!

I worked for a woman who once said “If they’re doing it in commercials, it’s over.”
There are these commercials here in Canada for some breakfast bar or something by Special K. There’s a gay in it. He’s a bit queeny, but not too queeny, obviously worried about his weight cause he’s eating diet things, and hangs out with the gals.
Though I’ve seen homos depicted in lots of commercials, that one made me say “It’s official, gay is over.” Being gay alone no longer makes you stand out. If there’s a gay in the Special K commercial, you’re definitely not going to stand out anymore.
I just came across THIS ARTICLE about the ways in which gay men are depicted in advertising. It’s a pretty inconclusive piece that doesn’t say a whole lot, but for some reason most of the ads pissed me off – even when they were “positive” depictions. I guess I just don’t enjoy being categorized one-dimensionally as either fashiony, bitchy, an AIDS carrier, or the new ugly fat girl (as in a straight guy’s worst nightmare – “Oh my god I slept with an ugly fat girl?” is now “Oh my god I slept with a gay guy?”).
Anyway, I guess now I know how it feels to be typecast.
CLICK HERE to read the article and see a ton of gay-themed ads, then see my favourite depiction of a gay in a commercial and my reason why after the jump.

I know what you’re thinking – that guy’s queeny, fashiony, and a stereotypical hairstylist gay. But! The guy is so completely beyond the “advertising friendly” gay. He’s got crazy style with his uber-femme pink top, long hair, and he unabashedly takes control of the situation – leaving everyone else on the “set” in awe. I could go on, and you can call me a hypocrite if you want to, but I stand by my favourite psycho-gay.

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7 Comments on "OMG we’re officially passé: Gays"

  1. Does anybody besides me find this article and the subsequent comments a little bit ironic? Ten years ago when there was virtually no gay representation in advertising, a very vocal constituent of gay men let it be known that this was unacceptable and wanted to be treated as equals with their straight counterpart. Now that gay men have been given exactly what they want, all you hear is complaints. We are being treated exactly as straight people are in the media and advertisements; we are being pandered to, stereotyped, exploited, and made to feel that we must look and behave a certain way. This IS advertisement for better or for worse. I don’t remember anyone writing articles 10 or 15 years ago rejecting consumerism and the cold corporate machine which controls the advertisement of products stating that they were proud as a gay man to have been left out of it and hope to never be included. I could go on, but my point is that I feel like every ounce of righteous indignation surrounding this subject presupposes some sort of morality or ethical code in the media which has just simply never existed.
    P.S. I love this blog, love gay men, I’m not excusing the actions of the media, just pointing out that this problem may be more global and not “just about us”.

  2. Not to be completely shallow, but does anybody know which advertising that very first photo above comes from? It’s such a beautiful photo.

  3. It would be great if true, and really I thought it was here when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy tanked. I’m sure some people love the drama of being gay, the shock and various other reactions. For me, I’ve been waiting for the whole notion to become boring to society as a whole. Yeah, aside from being into the same sex we’re not necessarily any different from straight people, and so what. Now can we just have relationships and do what we want and sometimes make a mess of it all without it being the end of the world and without it having anything to do with the fact we prefer cock? Thanks.

  4. In Australia, an ad for the Ford Focus and Fiesta has gays in it…watch for them standing with their dogs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGtye8iyxCk

  5. Actually, the commercials at the end already picture gay men as perfectly normal (i.e. living a life you could expect from a straight couple in another ad). The Guinness one is pretty subtle in this regard.

  6. I agree… I haven’t seen a gay person relected in ads or TV that represents me OR any of my friends. Whats wrong with putting a gay character on tv that doesnt have a lisp, wear drap, has AIDS, and not fawn over Liza, Madonna, or Cher.
    I think the NEXT step (in terms of shocking audiences) is to have a normal, average guy… that just happens to like men. Now THAT would be novel.

  7. I know exactly what Special K commercial you mean. A BIT queeny? The first time I saw it my reaction was “oh get her” with the requisite eye roll…..

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