!! Ruggerbugger contest winner !!

Wow what a response to the Ruggerbugger giveaway contest! I guess I should have expected after you all went crazy for those Dieux du Stade posts I did, but yeesh!
The question was: How many real nude photos of soccer star David Beckham exist on the Internet? The answer is… TWO. And that is according to Ruggerbugger.com, which I take to be the ultimate authority on all things Beckham. See the two photos in question after the jump [NSFW], and no, this one [NSFW] is not one of the two.
All of this means that the winner is lucky reader Matt! Congratulations! You have won virtual sweaty balls for a year!


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4 Comments on "Ruggerbugger contest winner"

  1. Actually RuggerBugger is wrong! There are three photos in that set of nude black&white pics. Here is the link to the third photo:
    Copy and paste it in your browser to view it.

  2. they look totally fake to me… the tattoo on his lower back is visible in the “nude” photos but not in the main pic…

  3. I agree! That is not naked!

  4. What the eff is that 2nd pose? It doesn’t count if you can’t see peen!

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