!! OMG, he’s frolicking on the beach: Patrick Wolf in ‘The City’ video !!

It’s been an exciting couple of months for Patrick Wolf. First, his song “Time of My Life” was given the venerable distinction of being the 10th gayest song of last year by this very blog. Then, the pop performer revealed on Twitter that he is engaged to be married (to a man, apparently). AND THEN he announced that rock legend Patti Smith has asked him to join her backing band for a series of concerts in the United Kingdom.
Just when you thought Patrick Wolf’s life couldn’t get any more charmed, he can now be seen frolicking on the beach in his new music video “The City”, which, incidentally, is slightly reminiscent of Alison Moyet’s beach frolicking in her “Is This Love?” video, albeit with more pouting and less shitty weather conditions. Another similarity? Both songs are invigorating pop anthems that make you want to grab the one you love/the nearest pedestrian and spin around until you both pass out from exhaustion.

BONUS! Watch the “frolicking on the beach” music video to end all “frolicking on the beach” music videos after the jump!

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2 Comments on "OMG, he’s frolicking on the beach: Patrick Wolf in ‘The City’ video"

  1. i Agree with Shannonj Elton Johns “Im still standing” is the one

  2. As a gay man and a product of the 80s New Wave music revolution of course I love Madonna but to me the ultimate gay beach romp video is Elton Johns “Im still standing”

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