!! OMG what a douche: John Mayer !!

For some reason John Mayer, who thinks himself a “comedian”, decided to rip off someone else’s bit and act like frat-boy on something called “The John Mayer Cruise” last weekend. I hope nobody had to pay for that.
Thanks to Ross and everyone else who sent this in.
See more photos (including some butt floss) after the jump.


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24 Comments on "OMG what a douche: John Mayer"

  1. i think this is very sexy i want his cock in and around my mouth and ass

  2. lost a lot of weight? What weight? Jessica Simpson? I thought he was always pretty slim.
    JM can be a douche, but there’s no evidence that he was, here. Where did that come from?
    (Of/c, I am wondering where this whole cruise idea came from, and that thong. I mean wtfbbq!)

  3. OMG ! ! ! do you see the bulge this guy is packing. Who would have thought that John was swinging some major meat haha. He’s extremely cute, has a great body. He can certainly mount me anytime lol.

  4. I think this should be the new swimwear for guys.

  5. i have to agree..i think hes adorable and making like borat??? so what?? he can make like anyone he wants to in my bedroom!! yum!!!!

  6. Hes a douch because hes boreing as all fuck! Look, there isnt a single other person on his ‘cruise’!

  7. He’s not a douche. He’s lost a lot of weight and I think he looks great. I’d do him. Mmmmmmmmmmm

  8. WOW! WOW! WOW! He is definitely not a douche! I think you’re the douche, Graydon! He is definitely a dream!

  9. OMG, he’s not a douche! i love you, John Mayer

  10. There’s NO definition in that bulge! It looks like he put a potato in there.

  11. I think calling John Mayer a DOUCHE was a little harsh. He’s got ALOT of fans around the world, he’s really famous, and I think it’s cool he did a cruise. I would love it if one of my fave performers did a cruise. Besides, it’s a hot guy in a thong, why would you complain? I think it’s cool that he has the balls to do that, knowing he’d probably end up on the internet. He has the balls, and he proves it.

  12. omg my husband! is a better headline.
    john mayer is such a fucking dream.
    he can sing me to sleep in his nerdy outfit anytime.
    cum in my mouth.lmao

  13. Why does this make him a douche? That was an unnecessary title.

  14. He’s hot! big package!

  15. I’m so sick of 6 pac abs and anorexia
    twinks. Seriously. John is sexy because he’s soooo real. Yea! Real Guys!!!

  16. So what makes him a douche?

  17. I know! I seen these pics and I think I drooled a little.

  18. Damn! Hotter bod than I thought. Now let’s see the little “oscar” Mayer!!

  19. I think its hilarious.
    He could stnd to “trim the hedges” if you know what I mean…

  20. What a very nice boy.
    I’d hit that in heartbeat… Eat em up…Yum.. Beautiful “buttocks”…

  21. john mayers hot as hell…nice lunch

  22. I’m really disgusted with myself because I still kinda want to hit that even after seeing these pics.

  23. wow. i’d totally hop the mayercraft. sexytime!

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