!! OMG, what a pleasant “gift from G.O.D.”: Rome Fortune’s ‘Get the Guap’ !!

When I was 11 I was obsessed with DMX, but really I think I fancied him; I said I fancied Mariah, but let’s be honest I blooming wanted to BE HER [and still kind of do, oh gees I’d jab Nicki Minj-a in her third eye with my mic so hard, give her a purple/green eye to go with her purple/green hair]!
I’m not afraid now to admit to wanting to be Mariah with her Aliens Trilogy-shaped hair-do in the Honey video, but my taste in rap usually orientates towards one of two things; either you are queer and I can relate to what you are spluttering about, or the production on your record is so good that I am listening regardless of the content. One artist that has me listening is MC Ride of Death Grips; his rap is minimal which gives a slow pink-skinned Brit-boy enough time to listen and hear things about this that and the like, the other is Rome Fortune.

Rome’s new track ‘Get the Guap’ tells the story of D related G, involving a P wielding B and a large crew of N’s; the production by Dun Deal is mesmeric whoozy-pooz, and his lyrics are to-the-point and obv enough for my FLOPPY PINK-SOCK EARS to comprehend, as with any good music of any old genre Rome tells a good story [but never as good a story as Mariah in the Honey video when she speaks spanglish and then jumps out the window into the pool, sorry Rome, it’s true hon]!

I’m already the illest in my opinion so the competition from this point lies within me.

[via dazed]

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  1. It’s awesome cause it’s got that Björk “Innocence” sample!

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