!! OMG, whatever happened to: Macaulay Culkin !!

Well, first of all, today is his birthday – he turns 28. That’s right, little cheek-slapping Kevin McCallister screamed his way to fame 18 years ago. Terrifying.
Since then he was in a few classics such as My Girl and Richie Rich, took some time off, worked in theatre in London, guest-starred on Will & Grace (as did Chloe Sevigny…so bizarre), then came back to the big screen to play gay murderer Michael Alig in Party Monster and a wheelchair-bound Christian-school student in Saved!
Also during that time he got a divorce from his wife of two years, Rachel Miner, starred in Harmony Korine’s music video for Sonic Youth’s “Sunday” (with Rachel Miner), was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of marijuana and Xanax, and wrote a semi-autobiographical novel called “Junior”.
He’s now dating Jackie from That 70’s Show and was in the film Sex and Breakfast which was released last year.
Not so bad for a child star…
Watch “Sunday” after the jump.

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5 Comments on "OMG, whatever happened to: Macaulay Culkin"

  1. Back when he did THe Hollywood Minute on SNL, David Spade warned Macauley that HE (Spade) used to look just like him, saying “This is where you’re headed–Welcome to Hell!” He was right.
    Also, on a Kids in the Hall episode one of the Two Kathies (Bruce McCullough) lamented that “The cute do not age well as a species.” She was right too.

  2. He does look so young despite being 28 or 27 when the video was made.

  3. im sorry but this blog is getting boring

  4. What is this, IMDB?

  5. He always seemed so much younger than me…but I guess he’s not. Maybe I’m just old for my age–in fact, I know I’m old for my age. And not in the good way. sigh

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