!! OMG, who is that: Celine Dion !!

Celine Dion is so “Incognito” in this 1987 video I hardly recognized her! She really needs to bring back that look with the sunglasses and the gold pencil skirt. (Thanks to Melinda for the tip!)

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2 Comments on "OMG, who is that: Celine Dion"

  1. Incognito, bien dans ma peau!
    Incognito c’est pas facile de te tourner le dos!
    WIKKKKKED lol, j’aime ma CELINE!
    I totally agree, she needs to bring back that look 😛

  2. the 80’s were very bizarre, indeed.
    i’m from argentina and i’m a huge fan of CĂ©line.
    there’s a universal belief that says that an actor’s or singer’s quality is measured in his/her versatility and capability to do change, evolve and do things you can’t imagine he/she can do (like Meryl Streep! she can portray a bitch, a mum, a comedian, a dramaqueen and she proved she can actually sing!)
    well, for me that’s CĂ©line. As a fan, as I look back in her career… i see a woman and a singer who has done almost everything, including getting bizarre in the 80’s!
    the blog’s great. keep it rolling! 🙂
    oh, by the way, i loved that CĂ©line “She’s Amazing” video that was posted in the blog somewhere around last year cutting and pasting the best parts from the behind the scenes footage of her Vegas show.

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