!! OMG, who’s the fat b*tch now? From Kelly Osbourne !!

Oh snap! Kelly Osbourne SERVED Christina Aguliera a bitch slap right to the…gut. You’ll have to turn the volume up because the video quality is lo-lo-low, but it’s worth it. Werq, Kelly!

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12 Comments on "OMG, who’s the fat b*tch now? From Kelly Osbourne"

  1. First, off if you go to the US magazine article for this they have a side by side of Kelly and Christina in the outfit she was talking crap about her for. They look the same size!!! She only made Christina look better because now people are going to be searching for how all this feud started and they will know that Kelly started it way back in 2002 when they had their show and was talking crap about Christina on it. Kelly is beyond petty and she just showed how insecure she still is no matter the weight loss that she is being a bully herself, like someelse said NO ONE has ever heard christina calling her fat!! I mean Kelly started it, but couldnt handle it when Christina didn’t play meek and allow her to bully her. The fact that Kelly is still name dropping Christina is not only sad,but we know Christina’s weight fluctuates all the time so what will happen when she is thin again, not only that Christina still is smaller than the avg. size 14 woman so Kelly, Bitch please get a life!

  2. PuhleazE!! It hasn’t been all that long ago that Kelly was a fat ass herself. It’s just a question of time and she’ll be back to stuffing her face with Twinkies again!! She’s just a wanna be period. She has no talent and is uglier than a mud fence…
    She’s famous for being famous…no more no less.
    For her to be critiquing fashion makes me gag!! She has no fashion sense of her own!! Give me a break – surly Hollywood doesn’t think we are all incapable of thinking for ourselves????

  3. kelly should maybe wait to talk until she has a baby herself,we’ll see if she ever loses that baby weight.

  4. SmarterThanTheAverageBear | July 29, 2011 at 12:09 pm | Reply

    @ jess
    Have you ever heard of punctuation?

  5. I don`t like Kelly Osbourne. No wonder that Madonna wants to keep her away from her daughter.

  6. I love Kelly… absolutely love her. The way she’s matured and turned her life around. BUT…. having had a weight issue most of her life, I think it’s tacky to trash someone for their weight problems. Whether or not Christina is slamming Kelly, I don’t know (I haven’t heard anything), Kelly should take the high road and just let it go.

  7. Kelly is just mad I was starting to like her she was”acting” like a grown up but this just shows so much but on christinas side hey she may be fat but she has something kelly wishes she had a Voice and kelly well kelly will always be known for being the osbourne child

  8. @Hooders
    I really don’t think wishing death on someone is a very intelligent or human thing to do.

  9. @Hooders, Kelly Wishes u died.
    GO KELLY MY LOVE, serv that hasbeen her arse.

  10. SERVE UP THAT TRUE TEA, HONEY. Xtina has been such a mean bitch for so many years, and now she isn’t only flopping, she’s a whale. Queen of BigMacs tbh

  11. Why are they ripping on Christina? She looks nice in that black dress. Kelly Osborne is pathetic – she was the one who started the feud in the first place and can’t seem to let it go…. maybe because that “career” of hers isn’t doing so well? Getting skinny doesn’t bring success, b*tch.


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