!! OMG, whyyyyy? Chord Overstreet is out of ‘Glee’ !!

Sad news, everyone. Chord Overstreet won’t be returning to next season’s Glee as big-lipped hottie Sam. Why you say? His ‘series regular’ contract was denied by Ryan Murphy and the other producers, and his character will transfer out of McKinley High. WHICH SHIRTLESS GLEE HUNK WE LUST AFTER NOW?!
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7 Comments on "OMG, whyyyyy? Chord Overstreet is out of ‘Glee’"

  1. Well, there was nothing wrong with his performance, they just didn’t give him much to work with. His character (like a few others) had absolutely no real story line, at least until the very end of the season. The premise of his character seemed to be “he takes his shirt off every episode,” which may make a nice, early splash, but leaves little room for character growth. The sad thing is he wasn’t a bad actor, had good screen presence (beyond just the good looks) and was one of the more talented singers out of the bunch. Maybe they didn’t expect Criss to take off like he has, and only thought they had enough room for one of them as a full-timer? Who knows.
    It’d be nice if they made a statement to the effect that “he was good on screen, we just fudged the character.” My only other thought is maybe he wasn’t the easiest to work with? I’d tend to doubt that, but I’m really failing to think up reasons to essentially fire him (and I don’t expect him to be appearing on anymore episodes than what’s necessary to wrap up his story line — which will probably be a quick ‘goodbye’ scene in an episode as his family moves away for a job opportunity, or something).
    The only *real* disappointment is the story they introduced for him — his father lost his job and his family was essentially homeless — was actually a really poignant story that could have been told with a lot of justice, but probably wasn’t very popular with the advertisers. In fact… take away everything else I said, that’s probably why he was fired… le sigh.

  2. Answer: Harry Shum Jr.

  3. SteveGDallas | July 6, 2011 at 12:16 pm | Reply

    I want/NEED more Mark Salling! He is so freaking HOT!

  4. His character brought absolutely nothing to the show. Yes, he’s nice to look at, but maybe they’re getting this show back on track (season two was nothing compared to the first).


  6. What?! But Chord is a good actor and a good singer, and his character of Sam is one of my favorites. Not to mention he’s got a great personality and is a real hottie! This is a travesty I tell ya.

  7. Not being promoted to regular cast member doesn’t mean that he’s off the show entirely. He could continue as a “guest star” indefinitely.

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