!! OMG, whoops: Justin Bieber is a newsstand flop !!

With the recent release of a Justin-approved women’s fragrance, “Bieber Fever” seems to be burning hotter than ever — that is, except on magazine newsstands. According to data from ABC Rapid Report, the Biebster has sent the sales of multiple issues up in flames. His February Vanity Fair cover was the title’s third-lowest-grossing cover in 12 years, selling only 246,000 copies. Bieber’s October 2010 Teen Vogue cover only sold 121,054, while, most surprising of all, his April 2010 People feature was down 25% from the average, selling 961,762 copies. Apparently 10-year-old girls aren’t magazine buyers.
(via WWD)

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1 Comment on "OMG, whoops: Justin Bieber is a newsstand flop"

  1. I actually wrote a letter and cancelled my subscription to V/F after the Bieber issue..How embarrasing for the Kennedys or anyone else to be included with this child and his rants….I don’t remember exactly but something like…’I’m nuts. I’m crazy! I don’t know what I’m going to do next!
    Please..give it a few years and a few scandals, then try again..
    Also whats up with Selena and Bieber..how come an 18 + yr old woman can go out with a minor and it’s ok? The public doesn’t bat an eye?

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