!! OMG, ‘The Comeback’ to make its own comeback?: Lisa Kudrow to return as Valerie Cherish? !!

Note to self: After a long day work, I DO wanna see that!
The Comeback
, a show about Valerie Cherish, a washed-up and cringe-worthy actress who allowed her quest for fame to be filmed for a reality show called The Comeback starring Lisa Kudrow — could make its way back to the small screen!
According to co-creator Michael Patrick King, the short-lived but heavily cult-followed HBO series could have its own comeback very soon:

“Lisa and I actually have had a couple of lunches lately where we’ve been missing Valerie and wondering where she’d be. We care so much about Valerie and the work that we did that, in hindsight, felt so edgy. Lisa and I have been amusing ourselves, and maybe somebody else might be amused in the future.”
Both Kudrow and King know what the second season would be — “Valerie getting what she wanted and what fresh hell that would be,” laughs King — and it seems apparent that in 2014’s selfie-happy world populated by Real Housewives and viral sensations, Valerie would be just as desperate for the spotlight as ever.”

With so many shows having success as web-series and on Netflix and other things like FX, we definitely think that The Comeback could make a successful return if given the shot. Would you tune into catch Aunt Sassy if she attempted another comeback?

[via EW]

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6 Comments on "OMG, ‘The Comeback’ to make its own comeback?: Lisa Kudrow to return as Valerie Cherish?"

  1. Re-watching a marathon of this with friends and loving it all over again! We cherish Valerie!

  2. oh my dear lord YES!!!!!!!!
    i live for valerie cherish!!!

  3. Note to self: I DO wanna see that!

  4. Count me in!

  5. Yes!!!!!! Bring back Valerie Cherish!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Oh Yes ! YES ! .. a million times YES !

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