!! OMG, with pursed lips: Karl Lagerfeld apologizes to Adele !!

How does Karl Lagerfeld apologize? By showering you with gifts — glorious, expensive Chanel gifts. According to The Sun, the designer felt so bad about his Adele-is-a-fatty comments that he instructed his peons to send the singer a bouquet of Chanel bags. And smart thinking, too, since she collects designer handbags. I, for one, do not, but I’d be happy to let Karl insult me if it means swaaaaag.

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2 Comments on "OMG, with pursed lips: Karl Lagerfeld apologizes to Adele"

  1. Probably could take some of that leather from his face to make a few bags.
    Ugly from the inside out.

  2. Lagerfeld is a racist, sizest a-hole. I hope he chokes on a twink’s sperm.

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