!! OMG, work it meowt: Temptations’ ‘Work It Kitty!’ !!

Fat cats pay attention [that includes you Anderson Pooper; honey your nails are cute and you are the cleanest cat I ever saw but erm it’s May and you, Mr, are still looking like it’s Christmas!]
Maybe you could join the other femme-felines at Kate and George’s ‘The Best Little Cat House’ and do some paw extensions and rotations or whatever?!
At least watch the promo [after the jump] and check out the other gym bunnies kitties’ profiles. Maybe they have a steam-room and you can just hang out in there getting all like a soggy puff-ball and then you wont even have to work for your sweat, and you can watch your FLUFF-HANDLES MELT AWAY!
Erm Mr Pooper don’t be so offended, there’s already one grumpy cat flying round the internet, we don’t need another!

[via laughingsquid]

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