!! OMG, wrong: Son’s “Girlfriend” !!

God I love Yahoo! Answers sometimes. If you have a question that’s too embarrassing to ask your friends, just publish it for the whole world to answer! Let’s all answer in unison, shall we?

Dear Bethany,

Your son is one of us!

xoxo Gossip Girl

By the way, was anyone else devastated that GG was a re-run on Monday? They should give us a warning the week before so that I’m not left sitting in front of the TV with a Gandhi Roti (Malai Kofta of course), a bottle of Jackson Triggs Sparkling Chardonnay, a bag of double-stuffed chocolate covered Oreos, a tub of Cool Whip, and a box of Vachon Carrot Cakes with nothing to watch.

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5 Comments on "OMG, wrong: Son’s “Girlfriend”"

  1. Dear Bethany,
    Do not worry about your son getting girls preggers.
    It may be older than the current pair of knickers Amy Winehouse iswearing, but it is still funny.

  2. Yes! I was so upset that it was a rerun!

  3. This exact quote was discussed on FSTDT.com like almost a year ago. Old news.

  4. Makes for a chuckle, but one thing really makes me think it is fake: Note on the the screen shot the phrase “1 second ago”. So the person who discovered this just happened to view it less than 2 seconds after the question was posted, and happened to be someone who would take a snap of it and circulate it? Seems doubtful.
    I know some people very successfully live in denial, but the above blows whatever benefit of the doubt I could give it. That wasn’t much, just on the idea that a church goin’ woman would post to Y!A instead of confront the son or consult a friend or priest etc.

  5. Devasted with the rerun too…

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