!! OMG, X-Rated Director’s Cut: Girls ‘Lust For Life’ !!

Oh, have you heard? The whole bloggysphere and beyond has been going totally insaaaaaane for this album called ALBUM by this band called GIRLS. 9.1 on Pitchfork! Well, well, well! They were so excited they even threw in a bonus tenth of a point— that surely doesn’t happen every day!
Pitchfork can eat my f*ck, but this time they speak the truth: Girls are legit. Above you will see the video for Lust For Life, ALBUM’s opening track. The song is incredibly romantic and catchy and the video is pretty romantic too. Highly recommended, even!
But those of you who dare to click after the jump will get the special treat of the X-rated outtake version, featuring lots of ladyboobs and also cute boys (one of which is the sexy Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx) frolicking in bed and using each others’ boners as microphones.
While I think the fellows at The Sword (link NSFW) are overstating things by calling it the Hardcore Gay Edit, it’s definitely super-sexy and might even restore a tiny bit of your faith in humanity. (A tiny bit.)
Click onward for the NSFW video.

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5 Comments on "OMG, X-Rated Director’s Cut: Girls ‘Lust For Life’"

  1. OMG is that hunx?!?!?!?!?

  2. does anyone know where we can get the video? i thought it was cute and i’d love to download it to my ipod

  3. SO WEIRD! I know the guys in the video. Not personally but I know a friend of theirs.

  4. Good song, but it needs more cute boys frolicking in bed naked. Of course, this is true of everything, and not a problem specific to the video.

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