!! OMG, Get Ur Freak On AGAIN: Missy Elliott to drop new album in June !!

If you’re wondering who will give you 2014’s “SONG OF THE SUMMER” — our bets are on Missy Elliott!
According to Timbaland, both him and Missy are readying albums for June, and Timbo took some time to speak a bit about their upcoming plan of attack, saying:

“Right now, we’re just preparing to get both our videos, our first singles, shot kinda at the same time”, he said.
“We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously… I just don’t want to move too ahead of her, and she doesn’t wanna move too ahead of me.”

We really hope that Missy can bring it with this album! The music world could use some of her style right about now, and I’m praying to the heavens that she doesn’t crack under label pressure and end up pairing up with like David Guetta or Swedish House Mafia or someone… That would be devastating! BUT I definitely think that Missy would never do us like that! Are you looking forward to some new Missy?

[via pitchfork]

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