!! OMG, you could own it: Michael Jackson’s Head !!

A working robotic head from MJ’s Moonwalker is up for bids at the King of Pop’s Collection Auction at the Beverly Hills Hilton in April. I’m not sure if I would want head from Michael Jackson………………………………………………’s private collection.
It’s amazing that when conceiving of a futuristic metal Michael Jackson they knew to make his robot face melt just like the real one.
Click HERE to see a bunch more pictures of expensive crap Michael Jackson is putting up for auction, including an orange Swarovski studded glove and his espresso machine.

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7 Comments on "OMG, you could own it: Michael Jackson’s Head"

  1. Its from the Moonwalker movie.. it would be worth a ton now after his death

  2. wow that is some tacky crap. A lot like the tacky crap that was found in the mansions of the Hussein’s.
    And it is affordable. Or at least the starting bids are affordable, and realistic.
    I’d think it be fun to have the golf cart. It is just sooooo tacky, and kitschy at the same time. I would totally drive it to get the mail. It would stand out amongst my neighbors ordinary camo utility vehicles.

  3. Frankly I’m surprised his nose was sturdy enough to create a mold.

  4. Wow, lot of random junk for sale. Not what you’d expect from the raven like Jackson who picks up every shiny babble to cross his path. Frankly a lot of that jewelry looked like the costume junk I pick up and rebuild for theatre all the time. Though, if I had the disposable income for it I’d buy the Edward Scissor Hands gloves in a heart beat…but that has nothing to do with MJ.

  5. I think Mo-Town in Detroit should buy that orange glove since someome bought the other silver rhinestone one recently. I noticed that most of his auction items are de-valued under $2,000 and except for limo which is the most expensive item. That’s pretty sad.

  6. i dont want to own it

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