!! OMGaga, a Thanksgiving Special !!

Finally! Something to watch on Thanksgiving besides football or my run-down VHS of Home For The Holidays! On Nov. 24, ABC will air A Very Gaga Thanksgiving, a telecast featuring eight Gaga performances and an interview by Katie Couric (come on, Katie, choose a network already). The show will feature guests Tony Bennett and Art Smith, that burly Southern chef of Oprah fame. In addition to “Marry the Night,” “You and I” and “The Edge of Glory,” Gaga will also be pumpin’ out the holiday spirit with “White Christmas.”
(via Hollywood Reporter)

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  1. I rather…watch football.what is she gonnatalk about..now? I bet somthing which will make the world say oh poor girl. Then she will say I’m gonna fight for it and there go some more people buying her shtick cus they believe she is sticking up for the cause.

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