!! OMGaga, did she sample Madonna (who sampled the Staple Singers)? !!

Gaga‘s Born This Way is the gayest song ever written three times. Until someone conjures a mashup and posts online, you’ll just have to play all three songs at the same time. Behold:

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6 Comments on "OMGaga, did she sample Madonna (who sampled the Staple Singers)?"

  1. Gotta love how it always gets turned into a race issue by closet bigots.
    Madonna already PAID for the rights to sample the song she did… so your tirade about ‘black’ people not getting paid is moot. If Gaga didnt pay for the rights to sample BOTH… that’s on her.
    Gaga’s ‘Born this way’ is ALMOST a direct musical sample of ‘Express yourself’. She didnt sample the words… she sampled the music. Much like Vanilla Ice did with his song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ from ‘Under Pressure’ by Queen / Bowie. The excuse that one note was changed (added) is a legal cop out. I’m sure we’ll be hearing the same thing from GaGa’s camp eventually.

  2. On what planet does that third song sound like either of the other two?

  3. A lot of people are saying the new Gaga song sounds like Express Yourself but I don’t hear it at all. What am I missing?

  4. Before I listened to the song, I read like five blog posts comparing it to Express Yourself. Personally, I think the only part that is really similar is the first verse where it describes her mother teaching her about self-love and acceptance. I’ve interpreted that to mean her real mother, but it could be an homage to Madonna, the “mother” of pop.
    The rest of the song appears to have very different phrasing, except maybe the loud beats in the background.
    I actually kind of like this song; it’s uplifting and positive and it provides a message that people should take care of themselves and have integrity despite social conflict. It just seems like the majority of recent pop has been a self-destructive, “let’s escape from our inner issues by having meaningless sex all the time” themes. It’s got a great lesson, and I wish people would make interesting and personal reflections on the song and not recycle the same “she copied, she copied!” criticism that so many other blogs have already said.
    Lady Gaga wrote the song for those people who have felt out of place and misunderstood for being who they are, not for people who use her to start a controversy.

  5. So basically….like almost ALL white performers you STOLE from BLACK performers who have the REAL talent…yet the white ones went and made mega millions….so now don’t you think it is time the BLACK ones got THEIR due and money owed to THEM????

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