!! OMGaga, the ‘Judas’ video !!

Gaga’s Judas video leaked! It’s pah-retty crazy if you like: LA gang culture meets Biblical allusions meets wild hair/makeup. Personally, I just really want a lipstick gun.
(via Ali’s Blog)

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6 Comments on "OMGaga, the ‘Judas’ video"

  1. Sooooo boring at this point. If you are going to attempt a good old Catholic commotion like Madonna did so well with “Like A Prayer”, at least make it truly shocking. I’ve seen episodes of “The Golden Girls” more shocking than this hot mess. “Like A Prayer” caused a cultural earthquake- this is simply snooze-worthy. I am SO over Lady Gagme at this point. Her Madonna tribute schtick is wearing thin- I’d rather just watch Madonna honestly. She did it all much better anyway.

  2. I am happy to see others feel the same. LG has an amazing talent I wish she would use it.
    If you are going to make a push the envelope religious themed video have the good sense to offend me, sheez.
    Also, I agree with MEL. Norman Reedus, uh no. That gangland Jesus was much hotter and he has a bling crown of thorns.Come on who would you pick?

  3. Norman Reedus? Dear lord…

  4. Damn, you’re right. It is the third album.
    I guess I am just expecting every song to have the same effect Bad Romance did. I’m just bitter and dramatic.

  5. It’s the third album. The Fame. The Fame Monster. And now this one. And I am giving her a chance still. She is still amazing to me.

  6. Don’t think that video works. Here is a different link:
    Pretty terrible video to go with a terrible song. Why can’t Gaga make good pop songs anymore. Shit, it’s only her second album and I’m sick of her.

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